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CuCurator: Marketing Cooperative for Credit Unions.  Unlock professionally designed campaigns, resources, and tools. Elevate your credit union's marketing efforts with our exclusive membership portal. Join us today and become the curator your credit union needs to thrive!

Bobbie Garner

Founder, Fractional CMO

Streamlined efficiency, modern design, and seamless processes define my approach as a Fractional CMO for Credit Unions. With 17+ years in financial marketing, my passion lies in distilling complex processes into simple, impactful strategies. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of your credit union

Phone 765-993-7290
Email [email protected]

Bobbie Garner Fractional CMP

Shon Collins

Business Development

I bring substantial experience to the Credit Union world as a seasoned case manager, specializing in financial analysis, client services, and regulatory compliance. As a Credit Union Advocate, my mission is to streamline marketing for CUs.

Email¬†[email protected]

Joy Beck

Marketing Specialist

With 9 years of experience in the banking world, I have loved diving into the Credit Union world and my role as a marketing specialist has been both enriching and dynamic. 

Collaborating with a talented team, our mission is clear: to empower Credit Unions to succeed! 


Joy Beck CuCurator

Celeste Luna

Marketing Specialist

From crafting effective brand identities to executing effective digital campaigns, I love helping our clients establish their brand presence. Let us work with your credit union to assist with your marketing needs.  

Email [email protected]

Joy Beck CuCurator

Nathan Rodriguez

Operations Specialist

My journey in the advertising industry began at a young age working for an ad network in an era where most of us were still going to Blockbuster for a premium at home movie experience. This is where I honed my skills in digital marketing strategies and performance optimization. Some years later I transitioned to an ad agency specializing in Real Estate, where I led campaigns for TV commercials, collaborating closely with agents to craft compelling narratives and highlight their unique services.
My expertise extends beyond conceptualization to hands-on project management, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional results. Whether it's coordinating video production or fine-tuning ad placements, I thrive on bringing creative visions to life while maximizing ROI for our clients.

Email [email protected]

Joy Beck CuCurator