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How can your credit union use ChatGPT and AI tools for marketing?

ai chatgpt credit union marketing Oct 17, 2023
Chat GPT for Credit Union Marketing

As a credit union pro, you know that clear communication is essential to connect with your members. However, finding the right words can be so challenging!


That's where ChatGPT comes in. Have you tried it?


When you start using AI tools like ChatGPT, it feels like a "where has this been all my life" solution that can solve your writing problems. But the truth is, it's just a machine, and you're the credit union expert here.


It's a perfect HELPER to brainstorm and refine your original content but avoid copying and pasting entire articles you ask it to create. I stress helper here and encourage you to RESIST using an entire blog posts or copy straight from ChatGPT to your website.  


The critical takeaway?  Learning to fine-tune "prompts" is key to using ChatGPT in a way that will help make your content great!


A prompt is a short text you give ChatGPT to (1) start a conversation and (2) follow up for refinement. The better the prompt, the better the response.


To help you get started, here are 12 prompts I have tried and LOVE to streamline credit union marketing copy.


  1. How can I improve the readability of this copy to make it more engaging for our members?


  2. Suggest ways to make this copy visually appealing with structure and formatting to enhance our members' reading experience.


  3. How can I make this copy more convincing to inspire our members to engage with us?


  4. How can I incorporate storytelling in this copy to make it more relatable and memorable for our members?


  5. Give examples of incorporating social proof into this copy to build trust with our members.


  6. Suggest ways to make this copy more personable to help our members feel connected to our message.


  7. Simplify this text to make it more concise and clear so our members can easily understand our message.


  8. Help me create a strong call to action in this copy that encourages our members to take the next step.


  9. Provide three options for a headline for this copy to capture our members' attention.


  10. Rewrite this to include a narrative arc


  11. Write a summary of this content to use as an SEO description.


  12. Write a summary of this content with 160 characters.


The next time you're stuck with a piece of writing, try refining it in ChatGPT and see how it can help you communicate effectively with your credit union members.  But be careful!  Text straight from this tool lacks the human touch.  Using it to refine your ideas, or help create starting ideas, is the way to go here.