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Is my credit union blog worth the effort? Is anyone reading it??

content credit union marketing May 04, 2023
Credit Union Blog


Are you running a blog for your credit union but struggling to keep your members engaged? Wondering how to make it more impactful? Let me share some tips to help you Improve your credit union blog's content and make the most of your efforts.


My favorite formula is pretty simple:
Make it searchable, solvable, and usable.


Searchable- To ensure that your blog is searchable, it's important to focus on SEO (search engine optimization). This means using keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely to search for to optimize your blog for search engines. Think about specific questions a member might be asking and incorporate those into your blog titles.


Solvable- Provide solutions and answers to the problems and questions that your target audience is likely to have. This means focusing on topics that are relevant and useful to your members. You have drawn them in with your expertise. You can make the question / problem solvable by suggesting a specific next step for them to take. Link to an internal product page, service, or specific staff contact. Include quotes from members who have found the answer to their very questions. If needed, link off to additional external resources.


Usable- Make your Credit Union blog easy to use and navigate. This means paying attention to factors like readability, design, and accessibility. Include a downloadable guide, or a summary checklist with next steps.


Creating a successful blog for your credit union requires more than just putting content out there. By focusing on making it searchable, usable, and solvable, you can enhance your blog's effectiveness and engage your members!